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KOURIDAKIS MARITIME AGENCY LTD firm was established and operates in Piraeus, Greece since 1962, and has developed into a most prestigious and reliable Firm of ship-agents, offering a multitude of services to a great number of shipping companies.

About Us

We aim to provide a high quality AGENCY service to Ship Owners and other organizations related to shipping operations in a timely and efficient manner.

The Company aims to supply a service which conforms to standards that meet the requirements and satisfaction of it’s customers. We carry out a great number of agency services to all types of vessels in all Greek ports. The Firm operates from it’s Head offices in Piraeus, Greece and it’s branch office in Eleusis. KOURIDAKIS Maritime Agency LTD serves the Shipping Industry and respects their interest.

Our Services





Very often, vessels calling ports require more services than just general port services. Kouridakis Maritime Agency Ltd. offers in house husbandry agency services to meet the needs of owners of vessels while their ships call the ports that we serve.

Our team composes of very experienced personnel which deals with the entire spectrum of owners matters, whatever it may entail.

The guarantee of excellent representation continues to be among our top priorities with our principals. Owners have peace of mind knowing that any challenge that may arise will be met with outstanding satisfactory and beyond their expectation results.

With your vessels trading throughout the world, we understand that every bunker call must be completed without any delay.

Our professional personnel will provide you with the efficiency that you need.

Bunkers delivery requires a standard way of working

  • Pre-arrival formalities and ISPS requirements always completed 24 hours prior arrival.
  • Vessel always confirmed in port Vessel Management System prior to arrival.
  • Bunker suppliers, surveyors, port authorities and pilots always given ETA updates.
  • Any deviation from the original plan will be appropriately communicated to the principal

In Kouridakis Maritime Agency ltd. we make sure to optimize the process and avoid any conflicts between the shipyard and the ship owner.

Providing attention to detail every step of the way

We meet your needs through one simple solution and one single point of contact:

  • Consistent quality, availability and pricing
  • Clear and continuous communication
  • Transparent cost control and thorough follow-up
  • No administrative hassles –we are on time and in control

In Athens the port that handles the commercial cargoes such as steel coils, plates, silica sand etc., is Eleusis port.

Being the main agents for more steel companies in Athens, Greece we have been established as the most trusted and reliable shipping agency company.

Kouridakis Maritime Agency Ltd. is also the exclusive agent of one of the biggest glass companies in the world.

With Full Agency, you get:

  • Reliable, predictable and professional agency people
  • Deep knowledge of cargo operations and how to carefully arrange loading and discharge of specific commodity types
  • An easy and intuitive network directory, so that you can quickly get in touch with our operations team in each port
  • Pre-agreed agency fees in selective ports
  • Solid connections with respective port authorities
  • Safe handling of your crew to secure the welfare of people

Pre-arrival Planning

We perform pre-arrival planning for your port call, including e.g. coordination of vessel service, cargo and documentation.

All in-port services

We perform all in-port services needed, like vessel boarding, monitoring of vessel operations and coordination of booked services, i.e. tank cleaning.




  • For many years some of the most prestigious tanker companies in the world, have preferred our agency services over others because of our 24/7 approach to our clients’ needs.
  • Whilst in operation, we are able to offer unparalleled levels of contact with local authorities to guarantee a quick and efficient service encompassing all of our clients’ requirements.
  • It is also our unrivalled levels of experience in our many years of service in and around Greece that assures an agency service that is difficult to match.

We take care of all necessary formalities for smooth passage of Corinth canal.

We handle more than 200 transits every year. Our transit desk is ready to assist you on a 24/7 basis.

Kouridakis Maritime Agency Ltd. has handled the most STS operations mainly on dry cargo. STS operations were necessary after unfortunate incidents of ship collisions, or for reasons that a vessel was not able to reach her destination. STS operations demand a very delicate handling regarding the personnel that should be used as well as the location of the process.

The operation may be conducted with both vessels at anchor or, in some cases, may be conducted underway. This is one of the safest operations (as minimum number of pollution or other incidents have been marked), but it is listed as high-risk operation, as several factors and considerations should be taken into account.




Vessels can either stay with crew on board at an anchorage such as Piraeus for thirty days and with a special permit from the authorities they may remain for much longer but always depending on the harbor master’s decision, or go to lay up berth at Eleusis roads, with all crew disembarking/repatriated. We handle all procedures for both occasions having a good knowledge and experience in this kind of operations.

Vessels passing near Greek ports may require technical assistance or other special works such as load line curving, tank cleaning, hull cleaning etc.

Our company is able to provide the most professional technical assistance at the most competitive prices of the market.

Vessels approaching the Greek ports may request supplies to cover needs of the crew or of the ship. Our company is able to provide everything through our expertise associates and always at the most competitive prices.

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Contact Information

Head Office

: 15 Aristidou str., Pireaus 18531, Greece

:  agency@kouridakis.gr

: +30 210 4177942

: +30 210 4112469


Eleusis Office

: Kanellopoulou 23, Eleusis 19200, Greece

: info@kouridakis-shipagent.gr

: +30 210 5541384

: +30 210 554 1384

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